Italian classics sex movies in “Marco Polo la storia mai raccontata”

Name: Marco Polo la storia mai raccontata

Director: Joe D’Amato

Country: Italy

Year: 1994

Language: Italian

Duration: 104 min

Categories: Italian classics sex movies, 1994, Italy, Italian, Joe D’Amato, Tabatha Cash, Simona Valli, Georgia Anghela, Rocco Siffredi, Fausto Moreno, Leo Gambao

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Fausto Moreno,Leo Gambao

Actress: Tabatha Cash,Simona Valli,Georgia Anghela

An epic journey, deep into the mysterious, sensual orient…A world of sexual secrets and exotic pleasures unknown to western civilization, a world filled with danger, decadence and delicious females whose only desire is the pleasure of men…Enter Marco, who falls head over heels into the waiting arms and legs of Asia’s wildest beauty, Lila, the girl of the Sultan Rangoon. And so begins an orgy of sexual abandon and exotic pleasures that take Marco to the limits of his legendary endurance. We all have heard of the legendary Marco Polo. See how he made himself unforgettable in his exotic adventure to China? Is it the way he interacted with the royalty? Or is it how he tricked the royalty? The steamiest moments of Marco Polo with the Eastern erotic cocubine right in front of your eyes. If you think Easterners are shy, then your eyes will be opened to the other side of the Hard Cord Eastern World. This Eastern meets Western adventure will sure make you roar.


Nonika Galeou pussy – “Vromiki Parea”

Name: Vromiki Parea

Duration: 101 min

Country: Greece

Language: Greek

Director: Nasos Spiris

Year: 1983

Actors: Giorgos Ballas,Dimitris Vallas

Categories: Nonika Galeou pussy, 1983, Greece, Greek, Nasos Spiris, Lia Hatzi, Alexis Metaxas, Iris Pavlaki, Kaiti Dimou, Nonika Galeou, Giorgos Ballas, Dimitris Vallas

Actress: Lia Hatzi,Alexis Metaxas,Iris Pavlaki,Kaiti Dimou,Nonika Galeou

"Vromiki Parea" is a Greek retro porn movie that has it all to become one of your favorites: wild and uninhibited action, beautiful and lustful actresses, passionate blowjobs, intense and raw sex scenes, group orgies and so much more…